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Potential Health CBD was created by two psychotherapists who had a clear vision of creating a premium CBD product. Dr. Annette Nunez and Maylene Johnson, LPC have both worked as licensed psychotherapists for over three decades combined. Through the years they have seen individuals experience negative side effects associated with prescribed medications and wanted to explore a holistic alternative. As psychotherapists they understand the importance mind, body, and soul working harmoniously together in which one cannot efficiently work with the other. Their mission is to not only provide education about CBD, but to increase awareness around mental health and offer tips and strategies that people can incorporate into their daily lives. The ultimate goal of Potential Health CBD is for everyone to reach their greatest potential in a natural and holistic way.

annette.jpgAnnette Nunez, LMFT, PhD

Dr. Annette Nunez is a licensed psychotherapist with over 27 years of professional experience helping children autism and their families overcome the challenges associated with autism. She is known as an autism life coach, aiming to empower all family members (including both parents and children) to live happy and healthy lives. 

Dr. Nunez developed the Children’s Social Competence Scale (CSCS) which is used as to evaluate the social competency of children in order to assess their social skills.  As the former Program Director of Connect Us, Dr. Nunez also oversaw and facilitated programming that helped children with autism and their peers cultivate positive social relationships through play.  In addition, she has done extensive research in the area of socialization and mainstreaming children with autism.  The outcomes of her research are an important component to her knowledge of autism and family dynamics.

She works in collaboration with other therapists and consultants and has conducted many seminars both nationally and internationally which includes consulting with schools in China, London, and South Africa.  Recently, she started a women’s coaching program in which she provides therapy to women going through major life transitions.  

Dr. Nunez has been featured in the Huffington Post, NPR, The Jenny McCarthy Show, The Today Show, ABC, CBS, NBC, FOX News, and currently writes and teaches online training courses for Autism Parenting Magazine.   

may.jpgMaylene Johnson, LPC

Maylene Johnson, LPC is a License Professional Counselor with over 16 years of experience providing effective therapeutic strategies in helping children with autism and their families.

Maylene was trained in Discrete Trial Training (DTT), Floortime, and the Social Competence Inclusive Play (SCIP) Model.  When treating her clients, she takes a multidisciplinary approach in which she incorporates several alternative forms of treatment such as CBD, nutrition, and other holistic therapies.  Maylene’s therapeutic philosophy is based on the idea that parents and their children are continuously learning, experiencing, and “breaking through” life challenges.  She believes that much like autism, life is a spectrum.  Parents and their children are on a constant evolutionary journey needing to embrace their whole selves by not only caring for their mental needs, but for their physical, dietary, and emotional needs as well.  Based on her many years of experience in working with children with autism and their families she feels that incorporating alternative approaches to therapy is not only a must but a necessity.